Northern Lao - European
Cave Project   

  Laos 2013 Expeditions

Nong Khiaw:
Nong Khiaw Team 2013   Obtaining permission and discussing plans for the next days
On the Nam Ou river   Arriving at Doun Mai landing site
The active river section after the shaft Sinter curtains in the classical river passage
River passage 2.5 km into the cave   Narrow airspace
Climbing water cascades 3 km into the cave   Leaving the cave
Drying the equipment   

Our guesthouse Lin Thong in Nong Khiaw 

View on Nong Khiaw / Muang Ngoy from mountain road    Bride in a village close to Vietnamese border 
Convoy of Vietnamese trucks waiting to pass a broken one.    Visit to a school in a Hmong village 


Houaphan Team    Ban Nam Koup 
Getting warm in the chilly weather   Carsten in Tham Houay Ngot
Tham Salai   Irina in  Tham Nam Oogh
Museums tour to the Leader Caves mit modern audio guide   Vieng Xai tower karst

Pictures by J. Dreybrodt, M. Olliphant , C. Ebenau, I. Ermakova