Northern Lao - European
Cave Project   

  Houaphan 2007

The group of 2007 in front of Bear Cave   View over Phoukhoun plateau
Scenery of Vieng Xai   Looks like an elephant ?
Main passage Tham Nam Long   River passage Nam Long
Swiming in Tham Nam   Sinter pearls in upper maze of Tham Nam Long
Dinner with Director of Pathet Laos Caves   Good mood with famous Beer Lao

Juu with sinter fall   Stalagmites in dry maze of Tham Nam Long
Entrance of Tham Hua Nga   Dressed up Hmong girls looking for a husband
Pathet Lao cave entrance with concrete barrier to stop bombs and later build house   Theatre in Pathet Lao cave
Lao Power : Gasoline + Beer Laos   Cave of Lao communist party founder and later president Kaysone
Michael maps in Tham Long Ngupha   Beautiful rear entrance of Tham Long Ngupha
Baggage with boots of a caver sticking out.   Departure from Vieng Xai