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  Other active caving groups in Laos

Claude Mouret and Francois Vacqui (France)

The group around Claude Mouret explores the caves in Khammouane since 1992. They published many articles in the French caving magazine Spelunca. Helmut Steiner participates in their expeditions since 2003.

Khammouanne Group (France)

This group originates of members from the first expeditions of Claude Mouret. It is coordinated by Charles Ghommidh. The results are documented in an excellent website in French and partially English:

The group around Vang Vieng (Paris, France)

This French group focuses on the area around Vang Vieng and Kasi in Central Laos. The reports of the expeditions are published at::              

The Amis Cave Exploration 2000 (Netherlands)

The Dutch cave exploration was the first full scale expedition to Northern Laos in 2000. The results are available at .

The French-Romanian Caving and Cave Diving Expedition

This group started it activities in the Khammouane area in 2006 and  is active again in a new setup extending its diving activities also into neighboring Vietnam:

The Japan Exploration Team

This is the newest group in Bolikhamxay Province, North of Khammouane. Their first expedition to Bolikhamxay resulted in 2.3 km of surveyed passage in 9 caves. A 2nd expedition is planned for February/March 2017. A new webpage with English information is launchend at