Northern Lao - European
Cave Project   

  Laos 2008  Expedition
Early morning atmosphere before breakfast in Vieng Xai.   See whom you can meet on the morning market - Juu and Joerg with traditional dressed Hmong girls.
Asking for caves at the picturesque house of the village headman at Ban Liate   Hard day work to find more caves -Liz and Francois  drinking Lao Lao at the headman's house at Ban Nathen
Philip hunting for pictures and not for caves .   The film team in action while changing into cave equipment after arriving in a new caving area.
Walking to cave entrances in the day time heat.   The entrance of Tham Min.
Entrance of Pathet Lao caves with houses.   Stairs from war times in Laos Fruit Caves.


Francois taken water samples and doing hydro geological investigations at Tham Nam Long.   Helmut returning from checking out side chambers.
Children in a village watching strange cavers.   Did Jos cave enough to loose weight ?
Emma returning from  her favourite squeeze that even the Lao impressed in tranportation cave.   Juu and Emma having fun at the ball throwing wedding event.
The Team 2008 - 14 people from eight nations.   Lao Basi ceremony with good wishes for a return journey at our neighbour village.

 Pictures by Udi, Sergey, Jos and Liz